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As many of you know, Jason was diagnosed at age 37 with multiple myeloma (MM) in May 2007.  Multiple myeloma is cancer of the blood plasma cells and is quite uncommon in young persons (96% of MM cases occur in individuals aged 45 years and older). 


Jason spent many hours in hospital clinics receiving blood and platelet transfusions while fighting his battle with MM.  We were always so grateful to all the self-less people who donated their blood and platelets so that others could live.





JBMF encourages blood donations and periodically sponsors blood drives through oneblood in Orlando. Giving blood only takes about 45 minutes from check-in to leaving (the actual donation process takes only about 10 minutes.)  The oneblood website also has FAQ about blood donations (medications, frequency of donations, etc.)

Be sure to tell us when you have donated blood! Fill out a Contact Us form or post and photo and share it on our Facebook page.


One blood donation can save up to 3 lives - let's see how many lives we can save together!

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